Flow and pressure test bench

Flow and pressure test bench


Our client, a French company, is the European leader in the distribution and management of water in the building industry.


Tested products: pressure reducer

A pressure reducer is a device used to lower inlet pressure, in order to obtain a set and constant value at its outlet.


Pressure reducer

Pressure reducer

Cartridge pressure reducer

Cartridge pressure reducer



Testing pressure reducing valves according to different parameters before starting production.



The bench must carry out tests in accordance with standard NF EN 1567 (Building valves - Water pressure reducing valves and combination water pressure reducing valves - Requirements and tests)


Solution and result

LF Technologies has designed and manufactured an autonomous test bench for pressure reducers equipped with a multistage centrifugal pump controlled by a variator. The pump draws water from a tank inside the bench and pumps it back through a magnetic flow meter before returning to the tank. A pressure sensor, located at the inlet of the flow meter, allows the pressure to be controlled by varying the pump speed from 0.5 to 16 bar.

The pressure reducer to be tested is installed on the bench with suitable connections.

Two sensors measure the ΔP between the upstream and downstream of the tested part. The flow rate varies from 0 to 11,000l/h by means of a motorized valve.

A circulator and a heat exchanger ensure the cooling of the water in the tank placed in the bench, and the temperature is monitored via a temperature sensor.

The program installed on the control PC was developed under LabVIEW. This allows the test pressure (via a pump) and flow rate (via a proportional valve) to be controlled, but also to measure, display curves and record:

- inlet and outlet pressures;

- the flow rate;

- the temperature.

In addition, a "safety valve" function, in accordance with standard NF EN 1487 (Building valves - Hydraulic safety groups - Tests and requirements), ensures the safety of the bench.

Main screen of the software

Main screen of the software


Pressure reducer installed on the bench

Pressure reducer installed on the bench


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