Fin endurance test bench

Fin test bench

Client presentation

To qualify and evaluate their products, our client, a French sporting goods manufacturer, was looking for complete test solution and a way to rate their products, and rank them according to simple and understandable criteria.


Tested product: swimming fins

Swimming accessory. Helps swimmers to move in the water faster and more easily.


How to conceive test equipment to qualify fins based on efficiency and acceleration criteria with an ergonomic, fast and easy to use system?


Finding a technical answer to avoid a full-scale test (a robot with two fins “swimming” in a pool…) while ensuring specific measures and tests reproductivity.


LF Technologies though of a small pool with an emulated leg. This oblong shaped pool is less than 1.5 m wide by 4 m long. Its shape lets water circulate with little efforts.
Two keels equipped with a carriage simulate a human leg. By changing the carriage’s position, it is possible to simulate various leg sizes.
A propeller helps water circulating to simulate the diver’s speed advance in water.


LF Technologies created a system that helps to test a single fin and measure its performance in various swimming conditions.

Fin endurance test benchCAD swimming robot
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