Bending test bench

Technical description
Main functions

The bending test bench allows to perform bending tests of your product and/or sample with optimized force progressivity up to a break or a programmable force.

The progressivity of the increase in force is ideal for testing fragile materials such as tiles, roof tiles, earthenware, glass plates, and enables a perfect measurement of the maximum force reached during the break.



Operating mode

The operator adjusts the spacing between the two pressure supports.The downforce tool descends at high speed until it automatically finds contact with the product being tested. As soon as the tool comes into contact with the product, the downforce strength gradually increases according to a programmable ramp.The descent is carried out until the automatic detection of the rupture or until the maximum programmed force is achieved.

The peak of maximum force achieved is saved and displayed on the screen.


Technical characteristics
Max. force10,000 N
Force resolution± 1 N
Control of the downforce strength ramp500 to 6,000 N/mn
Extension200 mm


  • Ease of use thanks to an intuitive control of starting position setting and automatic cycle start
  • Progressiveness and precision of the applied force, even for fragile and low deformable materials.
  • Automatic saving of max. force peak.
  • External adjustment of the supports spacing
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