LF Technologies since 1995

Design office for design of test benches

Who are we?

A team of engineers passionate about mechanics, software development, electronics...

LF Technologies provides products and solutions that meet the requirements of special machines, test benches, measuring and control systems, as well as assembly machines with a high level of control and traceability since 1995.

With several hundred installations in the valve, aeronautics, automotive and nuclear sectors, our experience and the high level of technicality of our machines are widely recognized, in particular by the accreditation bodies.



What We Do

Special State-of-the-Art Machines...

LF Technologies stands out in the field of high-precision engineering by offering special machines that are fully customized according to your needs and expectations. From the simple controller for measuring mechanical, electrical, hydraulic performances, to simulation benches, through to production machines, the company has been able to take advantage of its expertise in designing high value-added solutions for your production systems.

...to meet the strategic challenges of industrialists

Being able to understand the mechanical behavior of your products, qualify the shock resistance or validate your parts under realistic conditions are aspects that are of strategic importance to optimize the performance and quality of your products. Thanks to their skills in Mechanics, Automation and Programming, our engineers design complete systems (single station or online integrated) ensuring an automated control of your production.

  • Design and manufacture of special machines in all fields of industry
  • Design and manufacture of test and simulation benches
  • Design and manufacture of automated assembly lines, ensuring traceability of all operations

Our Services

Our teams of engineers and technicians assist you in your choices, offering you turnkey projects that are both reliable and efficient.

  • Feasibility Study
  • Design by modeling, simulation, dimensioning in 3D CAD
  • Definition of customers' needs
  • Assembly and testing in our workshops
  • Installation on your site
  • After Sales Service

Reinventing ourselves every day                                  You have a project, meet us!

LF Technologies puts at your disposal its strong technical culture and broad range of professional skills to offer you fully customized solutions that will meet your specifications as closely as possible. Seeing further, reinventing themselves and putting innovation at the center of the design, are the values underlying the work of our teams.

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