Wire cutting machine

Wire cutting machine

Our client is specialized in the industrial insulation sector. It converts different insulation materials, distributes numerous insulation products and works on developing new systems. 


Tested products: thermal insulators (glass wool, polyurethane foam, fibres, stone wool)

A thermal insulator is a soft material which function is to avoid temperature transfers between warm and cold environments.



Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam

Stone wool

Stone wool


Automating the cutting of rigid synthetic foams (or other insulation materials), thanks to a special machine piloted by a digital control panel. 


Our client wants to ease the cutting of insulation materials thanks to a special automated machine in order to optimize its production. 


Solution and result
Our team of engineers designed for this client a special production machine which enables the cutting of insulation materials under 2 axes (horizontal and vertical). The digital panel, which pilots the whole system, simultaneously controls the manual movement in X, Y, Z, the execution of the ISO programmes and other different automatisms. 

The cutting tool takes the form of a special (abrasive) wire, which is flexible and circulates on 4 wheels (of which one is motorized). The machine is also equipped with a (possibly rotating) work plate made of perforated wood which covers 3 trough boxes. These boxes help to increase the material grip (the material to be cut) on the table, which is particularly useful for light pieces. A suction pipe clears the machine from cutting dust.

In order to ensure the operator safety, this machine is equipped with two emergency stops, and opening the doors of the boxes automatically stops the machine. These emergency stops immediately suspend the X, Y and Z movements as well as the wheels. 

Thanks to its numerous characteristics and its high level of performance, the wire cutting machine exactly meets the client's needs, allowing him to cut the different insulation materials in a simple and optimal manner thanks to the automatism of the function and to the digital control.


Rotating work plate

Rotating work plate



Isolator during cutting

Thermal insulator during cutting



Cutting of the LF Technologies logo on polyurethane foam


Cutting of stone wool with abrasive wire


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