Pressure and temperature regulating system

Pressure and temperature regulation loop


Our client is specialised in the design and production of gaskets for the industry field.


Product: gasket
A gasket is a device ensuring the sealing of two elements. This means that it can avoid fluid leaks (liquid, gas)



Our client wants a hydraulic system that can regulate pressure and temperature of a fluid. This machine is to be put together with a hydraulic test bench that the company already has.


Regulating temperature and fluid pressure before the gasket to be tested.
The fluid can be water or oil, it has to be changeable while minimising dead volume, that is to say by limiting as much as possible the residual fluid in change.


The machine designed by our engineers is an easily transportable autonomous system.
This system is equipped with a hydraulic system that ensures pressure regulation thanks to a pressure generator with a plunger piston.
Temperature is regulated with a heat exchanger. The circulator and static pressure generator were conceived as a way to minimise dead volumes. Plunger pistons are controlled by linear actuators.
The circuit regulating temperature heats and chill the secondary circuit. It is controlled by a computer software that was developed for this bench only. This makes it easier to save data under a spreadsheet compatible with Excel.
All of the safety functions are handled by an automaton specifically dedicated to it.


Pressure and temperature regulating circuit

Pressure and temperature regulating circuit



The pressure and temperature regulating system is designed to automatically connects itself to the testing enclosure provided by the client.


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